Before Fairy Memories LLC was created, Cyndi worked over 20 years with crystals for healing purposes. Adding flower preservation to the mix felt like a wonderful next step. Our mission is to incorporate healing and positive intentions towards newly weds for long lasting marriage, abundance in their home, and a lifetime of love and happiness. Our clients are with us every step of the process because these are pieces that will be with them forever as keepsakes to pass down to family members. The intentions will always be there just like their flowers. 

The Entire Process

Our goal is to update you at every part of the process: 1) Bouquet Received, 2) Drying Process Completed, 3) Design Proposals to discuss intentions, crystals, and layouts, 4) Final Look, 5) Your Pieces Are Ready To Be Shipped! 

The drying process takes, at the most, 8 weeks and we will notify you of your flowers' condition. From there, we will discuss what crystals and design layouts you were interested and we can talk about what intentions you want your pieces to have. You'll be able to choose from one of the layouts we create. Upon approval, they will be sent to wait in queue. 

When it's time for the resin process to begin, you should expect an email for you to see your piece before we pour the first layer of resin. Once your piece(s) are complete and ready for shipping, we'll confirm your mailing address and your flowers will be heading your way!

Pricing For Your Preservation

To secure your spot, you can either place a 25-50% deposit or we offer a discounted price if you pay in full. Make it a priority to add it to your wedding budget!

A typical order is usually a block with a few add-ons. We also accept orders made with only add-ons to meet the minimum. 

Sizes & Shapes

We offer several shapes and sizes (house/pentagon, pyramid, sphere). Serving trays, coasters, keychains, ring holders, wine stoppers, etc are all more fun options for your preservation.

If you wish to add or change anything about your order, please let us know before your Design Proposal so we can have the materials ready to go. Our molds and other materials can weeks to months to deliver so we want to be prepared.

4 - 6 Months To Completion

We value quality over speed because we want you to have the pieces you envision as they will be with you forever to even pass down generations. 

This is a handmade art created with so much love and attention. They're special pieces made by humans, not from a machine, so if you are expecting pieces without a single mistake and 100% perfect, you will be disappointed.. 

Art made from resin doesn’t just happen in one pour and then it’s done. The average piece takes between 7 - 14 layers, which means it takes 7 - 14 days to complete a piece since we pour once per day. Pouring too thick or too soon can cause the resin to smoke and overheat, warp, and turn yellow very quickly. We do not want this to happen so we take every precaution necessary and will not sway from our process.


-How soon should I book my preservation?
As soon as you know your wedding date. We accept reservations 2 years out but we only accept limited amounts of orders per month. Chat with us to see if we have your date available! 

-How do I ship my flowers to you?
We give every client the instructions they'll need for safe and easy shipping. Perfect packing is so important but so is the shipping speed. We would prefer to have your flowers within 2-3 days from the wedding date but we accept florals after 7 days of the wedding or event.

-Can I add more pieces to my order or reach out if I have any questions?
Absolutely, just shoot us an email at cyndi@fairymemories.com and be sure to let us know of any changes or additions to your order before your Design Proposal.

-Will any of my flowers change color at all?
Most flowers will change color slightly but there are some that can have a drastic change. Certain flowers can be super bright while they are fresh but dry extremely dark or vice versa. We cannot control how your flowers' colors shift. Regardless of the method used to dry them, there will always be some sort of change. Every preservation artist will say the same.